Student Feedback

Chinmay P

Overall, the Collegepond Counseling service was personally great for me.Their support right from the inception of the GRE preparation to the final Visa Interview for enrolment is highly commendable. They have this amazing website- Converge which provides the flexibility of getting in touch with the counselors anytime and from anywhere.Kudos to the entire Collegepond team for helping me with the entire application process!

Vidya J

Collegepond is always there to help if you ask for it. If you help yourselves , Collegepond will act like the biggest resource. If not , nobody can really help you.and specially Jimeet Sir have been of tremendous help, from making me aware of a right course for me to helping me build a profile right for me.

Khoshrav D

My entire application process was smooth because of Collegepond. I was able to complete my application in-spite of my busy work schedule. Collegepond counselors have been always available for clearing my doubts & issues.They have tie up with various service providers for Forex, immunization, loans, etc, which eases your post admit process too. Overall kudos to the team for doing a great job!!

Janav U

I would say Collegepond has a lot of experience and resources. The online portal, Converge, was a one stop solution to all counseling needs be it booking appointments or SOP refining. Also, the additional services and collaborations namely courier, loan and vaccination are extremely useful. Thanks to the entire Collegepond team & I would definitely recommend Collegepond!

Aniruddha R

The streamlined process of Collegepond, for graduate study abroad, was extremely beneficial to me. I went through the whole process very effortlessly, without any stress on my academics. Also they have leveraged technology to efficiently and smoothly conduct review iterations of Resume, SOP, and LOR. Jimeet Sir and Suraj Sir are always available if you need them. Collegepond provided excellent guidance from start to end. They make the Visa process a breeze with the one on one mock interviews. Overall experience at Collegepond was great.

Ankita M

CollegePond has a large number of team, each one of them is expert in various domains. It is very helpful throughout the process. The online portal of Collegepond, ‘CONVERGE’, has been of utmost help through the process. There are so many videos on almost everything from Visa to Ex-student college reviews that whenever I had free time I found myself going through them. Surely getting into an ambitious university wouldn’t have been possible for me if I wasn’t with Collegepond.

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